Toyota RAV4 2002 – review my car

Toyota RAV4 2002Hello welcome to small Japanese vehicles on Brenda J.. Today we got a beautiful 2002 Rev 4 to show you this is the L model full 4 wheel drive 38000 kilometers and it’s a manual transmission so let’s turn the camera around and have a little look at it. So here we have it. As you can see it’s very claim. Auction right for. 38000 Columbus this because like you. I’d say those ties there when they probably knew ties as well. It probably got about 1000000 households close to 2 meals a trade on it. The fog lights down below there and new hid 2002 Toyota Rav4 headlight assembly. Beautiful code you can just see the reflection on the checkout. You’ll be antenna there tell a little bit of a touch up alone here. We can fix that up if you really want us to I’d say it’s very modern.

Just about offices a couple of drops of water on the ground it. He simply looked down the side of the car you say Tomas and strike. Once again those ties. Well very very a lot of tread on them. Very chunky Couple little scuff marks long he could probably Polish them out. Yeah I don’t even I think it was going to pick that up. So small you can see what the spare tart back there. He can see if we look under the car soul beautiful and claim it’s free from rust. One of these 4 wheel drives used in the snow in Japan. In the back here we’ve got some US 8 covers I’m put them on but you can put them all leave them in there. You can stand and they fit so Nosson claim and beautiful. There are sort of fight let us say cover. Tell a little bit of a a touch up here was a little bit of a dent this pain pushed back. Once again very very minor.

I run the camera on the car. Just so you can say a claim it is. Once again all the ties. Tonight that’s gonna save that’s a lot of trade there. So 38000 kilometers he sings like new as you’d expect them in the seats in the upholstery on this is just amazing. Psalm release first class. Ikat smells like new even. I mean that someone had lived set set in them Might just. Jumping the co turn it on as quickly as possible to stop a belief in a god became that mission you can see once again this no way anywhere on the seats and it’s locked down the other side. How did this subject. To stop. Site 38000 kilometers its lock near. And this this gives stick it’s just amazing when you open a manual and you just feel at NAS and taught it’s just really is a pleasure to drive. That knife. People we hear clicking. You see all those seats once again they just Amazing. Obviously we’ve got a Full sound system up here. Probably just as good TV I am FM a problem needs to be changed. We just I Trying to the station for your. A full sound. We got the a con down here as well. I’m sure you can hear that. Pumping out beautiful, Cold air but is quickly show you that all the windows were you can say all they. Come down nicely.

Likewise on the other side playable demo just leave the front ones down. MojoPac. We’ll have a little listen to this engine. Had he just been broken in. I am. Doesn’t miss a bait. I just put it into gear. And just put a little bit of pressure on the clutch. So you can see. But. Can say it’s just. We hear the kids it’s just amazing it is like near. Very economical engines obviously. You say that’s kicking a wide beautifully there. Let me make a little bit of a claim. But if you’re short of being there. You can probably hear. I’m perfectly. If not oil lakes anywhere. Obviously with the sort of Columbus. Exactly what you’d expect. So they have it. One of 4 raffle, Manual transmission and I’m a 38000 clematis thanks for watching.