Nissan Rogue SV – After 1 Year of Use

Guys welcome back the user friendly reviews didn’t share my thoughts with you about our month old 2015 Nissan Rogue SV. I would not be talking about all the details leg horsepower and torque but instead of hoping to just give you some useful information about this car the hopefully help you if you’re thinking about leasing or buying this car and if you try to decide between a minivan or SV. So as you may know my family and I live in Hawaii. So if you want to get a car that could jeopardize our life Sellick surfing beach and all this kind of activities that we do here. Our previous vehicle with me some. Your truck which he really loved but as her family’s growing. Frequently have visitors. How did a bit more room your card really coming. And this guy was just perfect thing for. You can see here this card thought so their rules.

Nissan Rogue SV

But you can use whenever you need it but it’s not always there. It’s also more economical gas cheaper to insure and as far as the room that we want for our children in the back it’s almost just as much room as you would get in a media event also this hand rest ratio my daughter loves you she. Put her water bottle right there it’s rather reach. It’s also quite to get our kids out of the car sits a bit higher and it’s also easy to maneuver the rollover car. But if you don’t have kids this is also an awesome car for you I mean you have to hold the gods is that you need as far as coming to the fore your phone calls electronics and delight sitting insider preview trendy. And lastly after driving the car for a little over a month now I would like to see just. A couple things that they do different believe it or not just 2 things and the first one is right here by the petals. Information about Headlights for Nissan Rogue SV see at:

interior Nissan Rogue

There’s that you break. And it’s a step on your break. He’s a very it’s a little bit too close to Miami area When I Food. And it could be a little bit more to the left that which is perfect. It’s not the bother some pennies kind of I’m not replace it with the pre. And the last thing out the Cup holders and after having or try to use what we miss them all being able to put a water bottle in there a truck had dysplastic adjustments that you stick out in this one that most cars you have them. And that said I hope you dislike the video if you did please hit the like button subscribe and we’ll see you all next time.