2010 Honda Civic Si Coupe Headlight Low Beam Bulb Replace

This is how to access the low beam headlight bulbs in the 2010 Honda Civic SI coupe. In this method is based on the manual that comes of his car. You need 2 things. A small flat head screwdriver. A pen. So we’re gonna start on the right side. You notice. Shrug air intakes route. This theory rivets on one To 3 Pop these up by pushing in the very center of that pen. Push it and it’s gonna pop limited releases. Pop all 3 of them. But you have all 3 of them popped. Things very easily I lived away. Take that off. So to the side. Now we’re gonna have another little piece of rubber. That’s gonna have rivets on it too. But these rabbits are gonna pop from the center. You gonna have to stick that flat head screwdriver.

2010 honda civic headlightsUp went the center and twisted. Give it a good pop. Both of those apart. What they do you remove that one as well. Then you’re gonna see rubber hose that you can take those. You notice in my head like cable down there are disconnected. Just move the hose on your way. If your whole hand in their first. You get past your wrist. The cables right there. That’s your low beam. Is unspeakable reverse the process to put that aside back together. The passenger side. The part that tricks everybody for some reason. You can have a pop rivet. Right at the top of your windshield washer. Lieutenant. It’s one of the ones you pop from the center. Like in the old school 2010 Honda Civic headlights. Pop that rivet. Very carefully removing.

But by then removed. Now this whole topic this tank is full peace. Go straight up. Okay up to ground to the main tank. Little bit of a twist. And. That sucks but you don’t. Units were plugged in. Yeah I’m gonna set. Apple might take over here. Then. Is one of reach your hand there. Right where you just where. In the bulb 6 going to be just right there too little green. That’s a tough my cable. You know as I’m sure that said to. So there you have it folks that’s how you remove the low beam bulbs. And the 3500 civic SI coupe. Feel free to leave any questions you might have gonna help you out thanks guys.